Texas Research and Investigation of the Paranormal

Image We are a team of dedicated members who seek to find the scientific truth regarding the paranormal. This team is open minded and level headed. Several criteria must be met before labeling a place as active or haunted. We are a paranormal group that through scientific means try to gain a better understanding of unexplained or strange events. R.I.P. promotes public awareness and preservation of historical sites. We work with the community to help understand how paranormal investigations are conducted.

R.I.P. is the most experienced expert Paranormal team to investigate the town of Granbury.
We have Investigated 17 places and over 13 historic buildings on the Square including the Granbury Opera House, The Old Jail, Nutt House Hotel, Century 21, Red on the Square The Old Hospital and more

If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplainable occurrences contact us, we can help.

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